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My Favorite Fidget Toys You Can Buy Right Now

September 8, 2023

What Are Fidget Toys for ADHD?

Fidget toys are small objects that can be discretely manipulated with the hands. They are used to help with regulation, because hyperactivity or stimulation needs can be satisfied with the use of these tools. They help people with ADHD improve their ability to focus, feel grounded, and aid with anxiety, and excitement.

I personally use a variety of fidget toys and tools to help with ADHD symptom management. Read on to discover my favorites below!

My Favorites – and how to get your hands on them

1. The Tangle

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I like the Tangle because it is a silent fidget toy. The rubberized pieces add to sensory stimulation needs while the ability to manipulate the shape of the object aids in hyperactivity.

2. The Gripmaster

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This fidget toy is a two for one! It also strengthens your hand grip while you fidget with pressing the buttons at the top of the device. If you’re like me and struggle to open jars and containers, this fidget toy is your new best friend.

3. The Ono Roller

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The Ono Roller is a great fidget toy because it doesn’t necessarily look like a toy. This makes it perfect for professional settings or when you wish to be discrete. It is also a silent fidget toy, and the smooth texture of the orange rollers is calming.

4. The Cevioce Fidget Slug Toy

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This slug is probably the most fun of all of the fidget toys that I have tried. Warning in advance, this one does make a clicking noise as you move the multicolor pieces! It provides tactile, auditory, and visual stimulation.

5. The Fidget Ring

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Fidget rings come in a variety of types and colors to match your unique style. This is my personal favorite style, and each of the multicolored beads rotate freely around the center ring. Fidget rings are incredibly discrete and a lot harder to forget compared to the other fidget toys listed.

6. Coloring Books

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While not traditionally considered a fidget toy, I frequently use coloring books to improve my focus while in zoom meetings or listening to an audio book. The act of coloring to help release some pent of energy that us ADHDers may experience if we are asked to sit still for too long.

7. Chewing Gum

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Chewing gum is also not technically a toy, but it does help with fidgeting! The act of chewing gum can aid with hyperactivity symptoms and improve concentration and focus. Plus, it’s incredibly discrete and you get to freshen your breath at the same time.

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